I love to stitch.

My name is Julie and I'm a stitcher. I dream in fabric and thread, and I want to make pretty things for you.

When I think back through all the things I've worked on since I first picked up a bit of yarn, way back when, I realize that it's been a much more direct road to this place than I expected to find. From designing a handful of knitting patterns, to a wonderful period creating embroidery patterns with my own talented mother (Little Dorrit & Co.), and writing patchwork projects for various books and magazines - I've never been able to quit needle and thread, in whatever form, and I am always looking to the past for modern inspiration.

Right now I'm starting a new adventure, back in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the first time in decades, and stitching the way I love most -- the slow way. I'm all about the history of patchwork, traditional designs, and the methods that were used before fancy sewing tools. When a project is too large for hand-stitches, I work with my trusty sewing machine Miss Maybelle (named for the incredibly inspiring "Mother" Maybelle Carter). No matter the method, my passion is in spending time with beautiful fabrics, crisp shapes and design, and traditional skill and meaning.

I hope I can share that love with you, through patchwork art for your home, home goods and finished quilts to cuddle in the winter, and (coming soon!) kits and patterns to make your own unique projects.

Visit the my Etsy shop here: South Atlantic Stitching Company.